Capital Punishment

In the United States, 31 states still have capital punishment. I can’t say if I’m for or against it. I guess depending on the crime. But in my research of the death penalty, I’ve noticed that quite a few people have been executed for suspected contract killings and have also maintained their innocence.

Something about that just seems wrong to me. I can’t really stand when people try and play god. but then again, if they did commit said crime, they were playing God. It seems like revenge by the state. I don’t know.

Kelly Gissendanger became the first woman executed by the state of Georgia since the 1940’s. She and her lover were suspected of contracting to kill her husband for his life insurance policy. I find this crime horrendous but I feel like institutions like jails should help rehabilitate the people in them. And she didn’t technically pull the trigger. her boyfriend did. And he got life in prison. She was the reason he was killed, that is true but…

Even the damn pope asked Georgia not to kill this woman and they said nope and gave her a lethal injection. Holy fuck. I don’t know. I just have hope for people and I think life in prison is a good enough punishment. God help us all.

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