Here’s A Tip: #16 How & When to Say “I Love You”

Here’s A Tip:

Saying I love you is always a huge marking point in anyone’s relationship. I feel like nowadays, people say this word way too quickly. I mean, yes, you know once you have your perfect dime-piece but you might scare them away getting too serious too fast. And being in love is a serious thing.

First of all, Sometimes we mistake love for infatuation. When something is new and you like it, you get infatuated. You’re not in love. Calm down. The way I know when I’m in love is when I see said person in the worst state that i’ve ever seen them. Looking like shit, smelling like shit, but, I don’t mind snuggling up to that because I want them to feel like they are still awesome in my eyes, because they are. It does help if you’re attracted to their B.O. tho.

There is no time table for this but it does take a little time. It’s kind of like losing your senses in a way. But it’s also being completely comfortable with this person. This could be your life teammate for god sakes, you’ll need to be able to handle them at their worst.

So hold off on the L word a little while longer. It takes a long time to really get to know everything about a person. There’s people that have been together for 10 years and they still barely even know each other. When it comes to love, it’s better not to rush it. Let it happen!


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