Here’s A Tip: #88 What NOT to Do During A Breakup

Here’s a tip:

So, you’re feeling blue ’cause your boo is trying to breakup with you. I get it, it’s sad that things are coming to an end. But… you have to move on and not hang on it. A big thing that some people do when they are threatened with a break up is threaten suicide. This has happened to me before and I’ll tell you right now, even if your boo concedes and stays with you after you’ve cried and screamed about icing yourself, that person REALLY does not want to be with you. I understand that you fear being alone but isn’t it better to be alone then be with someone who’s only with you because they feel sorry for your sorry ass? At the end of the day, after you’ve done that, I don’t think you should plan on a lengthy future with this person. Because they WILL find away to get away from you. And probably get the white coats coming after your stupid ass. Because if you’re seriously considering ending your whole life over a bitch or over a nigga, you need professional help.


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