Wavves – V


Finally, It leaked. And I accidentally downloaded it 3 times. Thank god for having 500 GBs. I have no idea how to delete them either.

So, in my opinion, this album is a little more poppy than it’s predecessor, Afraid of Heights. It’s more catchy. I’ve listened to it once straight through and I already have the songs stuck in my head. Good job on the hooks, Nate. This album is pretty stacked. The longest song on this album is 3:30, so I think they’re going for the power pop on this one.

1. Heavy Metal Detox
2. Way Too Much
3. Pony
4. All The Same
5. My Head Hurts
6. Redlead
7. Heart Attack
8. Flamezesz
9. Wait
10. Tarantula
11. Cry Baby

The stand out tracks for me are: Heavy Metal Detox, Way Too Much, Pony & Redlead.

Heart Attack & Cry Baby sound like they could have been on Afraid of Heights. I kinda wish Hippies is Punks was put on one of those CDs.

Next Week, I’m Supposed to see Wavves, possibly twice. I’m so excited after hearing the new album.

I have the hugest boner right now.

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